My name is Greg Roberts, and I'm also known as "Nitty Gritty GR". I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, which is where I started doing Hip Hop music at a young age. I now live in Somerville, Tennessee, surrounded by good ole country folks who welcomed me and my family. I was introduced to the gaited horse by a friend who invited me to ride one of his horses on a trail ride with them. After that ride, I said to myself,

"Wow, this is something that I want in my life!" 

I was told about the horse shows, and I went to one at the Community Livestock Center. I was blown away by the gaited/speed racking classes! There I met my extended family and friends.

It was then when something clicked in my brain
to do songs about racking horses.

It was a while after I had gotten my own horses (Chico, Blondie and Ms. Emma) and had gotten deep into the culture that the song "3up1down" came about. Here's how it happened. I called Anthony "Dulaa" Holmes and said that I was ready to record. Originally I was going to do a different song that I had written about the racking horses. He let me hear a track that he had created and asked me could I do something to it. I said yes, and went home and wrote to it.

We scheduled a date for a studio session with Hank in West Memphis Arkansas studio.  I went in to record (I put my passion for the racking horse in every word) and out came "3up1down"!  Dulaa put his finishing touches on it, and then we did the video. (Filmed by Sche Eastwood and directed by Dulaa) at the Community Livestock Center (with Mr. Tommy Riles' blessing), and the rest is history!

This song has been embraced by the horse community, going viral on Facebook, etc)! People say to me that it's the first of its kind, and I am overwhelmed with the love and support everyone is giving it! This song has won an award for the "Indie Music Video of the Year" in Nashville and is taking me on a journey that I couldn't have imagined!

So far I've appeared on the TV show, Nashville Entertainment Weekly TV, performed at premier equine shows/ events such as "Germantown Charity Horse Show," "Big Guns Rack & Roll," and have been seen in The Midsouth Horse Review, The Standardbred Connection, as well as on the radio.

I'm currently being booked all over the place up to next year (including outside of the country!) Next for me is  my EP and entire album which will be predominately horse talk and fun! My plan is to introduce the racking/gaited horses to the rest of the world and bring people together!

I want to thank God first because without him none of this would be possible! Thanks to family, friends, and fans(horse/equine community) for supporting me! You all are the muscle and driving force behind everything I do! Thanks to everyone that was a part of the video!

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Stay tuned because it's gonna be one hick hop of a horse ride!
(3up1down, 4 beat don't you love that sound!)